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Business Development

We help our clients to select applications for their innovative technology, assess market potential, and define the most relevant go-to-market strategy.

Evaluate business needs

Based on your objectives, receive a roadmap with milestone-based deliverables to hit the right targets in Europe

Connect with KOLs

Connect with the right key opinion leaders to hear about your innovation’s potential for the European market

Identify business partners

Receive a shortlist of target accounts, business partners or service providers that match your requirements. We will also help you contact your chosen collaborators

Evaluate opportunities

See the best-suited opportunities based on our expert follow-up plan and receive support with the critical decisions


  • Network

  • Market intelligence

  • Proprietary database


  • Short list of qualified accounts

  • Due diligence

Duration: 6 to 12 months

Thanks to our strong scientific background, we understand innovation and have the ability to look for the right market segment and business partners for our clients. 

Case study: Business Development #1

Client :

This US-based company is a leader in cell-based phenotypic testing technologies and assays. It has developed a technology to identify a wide range of microbial species through simple phenotypic testing.

Situation :

The company wanted to quickly assess the potential of the European market for its flagship product, which can rapidly identify over 2,500 species of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts and fungi. The company wanted to benefit from an upcoming ECCMID conference to get meaningful feedback from key opinion leaders in the field of bacterial characterisation.


Novoptim rapidly assembled a project team to launch a campaign that would result in meetings during the conference. Despite the short notice, we were able to build a comprehensive landscape in bacterial detection in Europe with key players and potential partners.

Key achievements:

Novoptim organized meetings with 11 KOLs from 10 different hospitals and research centres, collected their feedback on the technology (pros and cons), identified potential reference sites, and ranked KOL interest against reputation and size. As a next step, the company is now contacting the short list of KOLs to initiate collaborations. As a next step, the company is now contacting the short list of KOLs to engage the collaboration.

Case study: Business Development #2

Client :

This US-based molecular diagnostics company has a limited market presence in Europe. They develop in vitro diagnostic assays based on proprietary molecular technology for use in clinical and research laboratories, and their offering includes a diagnostic for leukaemia.

Situation :

The company's market presence in Europe consisted of distribution agreements in some countries, such as Italy, Spain, France and Germany. However, this had not proven successful, so the company was seeking support to increase its market presence in three specific target accounts: Belgium, France and Germany.


Novoptim applied its lead generation and qualification methodology to screen the market and book qualified meetings. Novoptim established contacts with key opinion leaders and leading leukaemia detection labs in the target countries.

Key achievements:

Novoptim organized 13 meeting in 11 key accounts in the desired territories. As a result, the stakeholders for the leukaemia detection network have been contacted and the regulatory and reimbursement landscape is better understood for each country. A handful of interested labs have been selected for a validation study.