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Lead Generation

We assist our clients with the tedious process of lead generation: from generating and qualifying leads to getting initial qualified meetings with promising leads.

Identify leads by market segment

See your customer profiles within the targeted market segment

Email the right target list

Get your message to targeted leads through dedicated email campaigns run according to industry best practices

Get the right phone questionnaires

Receive lead qualification questionnaires that are created exactly for your needs to ensure a successful qualification process

Get qualified leads

Let us run your phone campaign to enable complete and reliable qualification of interested leads. Prior to the meeting, you will receive a qualification sheet with meeting details and travel arrangements


  • Emailing platform

  • Phone qualification methods


  • Appointments booked with qualified leads (typically 10 to 30 meetings)

  • Lead qualification sheet for each meeting

Duration: 4 to 6 months

Novoptim has carried out multiple successful lead generation projects using best practices developed over years of operation. We help our clients get face-to-face with the right people quickly.

Case study: Lead Generation #1

Client :

A French biotechnology company that develops and sells innovative solutions for the delivery of nucleic acids wanted to increase market penetration in Europe. The company supplies a wide range of reagents for the transfection of genes, oligonucleotides and siRNA.


The company had established a dedicated team of business developers to sell their high-value product line but despite having a worldwide distribution network, their market penetration in large accounts in Europe was not satisfactory. They decided to collaborate with Novoptim on a small scale at first, with targeting of strategic UK accounts, particularly in the greater London area.


Novoptim applied its lead generation and qualification methodology to screen the market and book qualified meetings with UK companies, focusing on the pharma and biotech large-scale protein and virus production market segments.

Key achievements:

Within two months, Novoptim organized 10 qualified meetings at industry accounts in the targeted region. The meetings generated 9 quotes and €32K immediate revenue, ramping up to approximatively €150K in the following year.

Case study: Lead Generation #2

Client :

A US biotechnology company, developing cell- and tissue-based research and diagnostic tests for personalized medicine wanted to enter the European market. The company sells products and services based on its multiplex in situ hybridization platform, which is designed to detect and quantify single molecules of RNA in situ.


The company has recently hired two business development managers in Germany and in the UK. They decided to collaborate with Novoptim to speed up client acquisition and shorten the lead generation process to optimize the working time of their new hires.


Novoptim applied its lead generation and qualification methodology to screen the market and book qualified meetings within the target market segments: pharma discovery, clinical hospital and academic research labs.

Key achievements:

Novoptim secured 40 meetings for the two business development managers in Germany, the UK and France within 10 weeks. The short-term outcome was the opening of 18 new accounts which led to 19 quotes and 10 orders received within 2 months. The conversion rate reported was much higher then usually experienced by the client in this market.