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Sales Pilot

We assist our clients in evaluating their offering in real-life terms by selecting market segments or territories, introducing the offering, assessing market acceptance, and helping to adjust the sales strategy.

Assess your portfolio

Achieve healthy market entry in Europe with a business-initiation roadmap based on the real-life market for your portfolio

Get regular feedback

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing what’s going on thanks to regular feedback meetings on our progress

Put your message where it should be

Ensure you’re reaching the right customers: we identify and meet with potential customers and arrange seminars at the appropriate institutes, hospitals, and pharma and biotech labs

Gain market feedback

See what the market thinks of your offering and receive a detailed business report, including a viable market entry strategy. We’ll even help to close the first deals.


  • CRM

  • Key Account Management

  • Sales pipeline management


  • Qualified leads

  • Meetings

  • Seminars

  • Demos/POC

  • Quotes

Duration: 6 to 12 months

With multiple successful introductions of innovative technologies to the European market, we have the right expertise to evaluate and adjust the commercial and sales plans for life sciences offerings.

Case study: Sales Pilot #1


This French-based company develops innovative tools to control the cell microenvironment. It commercialized an instrument for protein printing targeted to academic labs working on micropatterns for biologists seeking to control the development and proliferation of living cells in culture.

Situation :

The company was in the process of launching its first product in the European market. The initial strategy was to identify potential partners and distributors to market the instruments. A partnership was signed with a distributor in France, but the company was short on resources and expertise to address the other European markets.


Novoptim implemented its sales pilot program, allocating a 50% full-time resource to cover the targeted European markets (Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland). Our business consultant conducted all sales-related activities on the territory to develop the sales pipeline and generate revenue. Data were entered weekly into Salesforce and the client database. Marketing activities and meetings with key opinion leaders were also done to support the sales effort and create market awareness.


Within 9 months, Novoptim sold 4 instruments for the client and developed a healthy prospect pipeline. Thanks to Novoptim, the client was able to accelerate market access, approach key opinon leaders in the field, create market awareness within the community, and generate revenue.

Case study: Sales Pilot #2


This US-based company owns a large living tumor biobank of independent tumors across every human cancer type. It serves academic and industry clients as an ex-vivo preclinical CRO providing patient-derived xenografts, cell line-derived xenografts and 3D ex vivo models.

Situation :

The company had established a sales and marketing operation in the US to develop the business in its home market. They were dealing with European clients remotely but this was not a sustainable or effective approach. Uncertain about where the business was going to ramp up first and how fast, they decided to initially address the European market through Novoptim.


Novoptim implemented its sales pilot program, allocating a 50% full-time resource consisting of 2 consultants to cover the major European countries: Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK. Our business consultants conducted all sales-related activities in the territories, targeting large pharma accounts and the biotech industry.


In 12 months, Novoptim opened a number of strategic accounts in Switzerland, Germany and the UK, generating a revenue above target and developing a healthy sales pipeline. This initial project converted to a full-blown sales outsourcing to expand the coverage and accelerate market development for the client.