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Our team

Séverine Tamas-Lhoustau
Managing Partner
Severine has a Master Degree from INSA - Toulouse. She is a Sales and Marketing professional and co-founded the Business consulting firm Novoptim in 2006 with Ramin.
She held various positions witihin Biacore (now GE Healthcare) with increasing responsibility for introducing a revolutionary technology in the market. She has been with Biacore from start-up days to post IPO. She managed Biacore's Southern Europe subsidiary, covering France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, turning it into a profitable business. in 2 years. She created the global marketing plan for Biacore and was instrumental in identifying new commercial partners and launching new products. During this time, Severine orchestrated the launch of 3 new instruments, implemented a new positioning campaign and organized strategic co-marketing activities with major vendors in the Life Science market.
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