Our clients range from start-ups to large international companies engaged in the important work of developing innovative life sciences and in-vitro diagnostics technologies and services. We also support governmental institutions and funding bodies in the life sciences market. With over 200 satisfied clients since 2006, we are sure that we can also help you gain a substantial business increase.

When we decided to enter Europe we knew we needed an entrance strategy for the company that would let us learn the ropes, generate initial market interest and revenue and still be affordable for a startup. That led us to Ramin and his team at Novoptim. With Novoptim we were able to put together a targeted and customized market entry plan targeting the major markets of France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Novoptim’s sales team helped identify early adopters for our company that served as our reference sites for when we began to establish a direct presence in market. As we transitioned from Novoptim to a direct organization, Ramin and his team worked as true partners to assist in that transition. As a result of this measured market entry strategy and working with Novoptim, we now have an exciting and growing business in Europe.
John L. Lubniewski, CBO | HTG Molecular Diagnostics

“Novoptim’s experience in the life science market has been invaluable to TargetGene. Novoptim quickly and efficiently generated meetings with high-level key opinion leaders in the large pharma companies, actively participating and helping us gain vital market understanding. Personally, it has been, and still is a pleasure working with Séverine and the Novoptim team.”

Yoel Shiboleth, CEO | TargetGene
“I needed to expand my business beyond my home market and asked Novoptim to assist us in developing sales in the rest of Europe. They put together a team of BD consultants and with a concise and effective approach helped us access both small biotechs as well as large pharma accounts in Europe for the first time. Through this support we got direct access to the key decision makers within Pharma R&D organizations and increased revenue. Novoptim also provided timely and concise reports that allowed us to keep abreast of the evolution of the business at all times.”
Frederik Lehmann, CEO | On Target Chemistry
“I needed prompt support to increase my company’s business, and I found in Novoptim a dedicated and talented team who delivered despite a difficult market at the time. They successfully tailored customer approaches to the narrow niche I was targeting and secured key accounts, which significantly increased my company’s revenue that year. They also provided detailed analysis and timely reports, which are still supporting my business. I look forward to working with them again and I would recommend them in a heartbeat!”
Pascale Richalet, CEO & Founder | BioRevera
This my second year working with Novoptim. I have approached Novoptim as part of our desire to expand our marketing and reach companies in Europe. Novoptim have shown incredible professionalism, accurate timetable upholding, and most of all, a very friendly, communicative and open attitude. When we concluded last year at my company, we had no doubt we will be continuing with Novoptim.
Ofer Doron, Managing Director | Lahav CRO Israel